Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2: Packers @ Giants: Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter
Packers 14, Giants 13

Driver catches two consecutive passes to get the ball to the three yard line. TOUCHDOWN DONALD LEE! A three yard reception.

Packers 20, Giants 13

Mason Crosby extra point is good.

Packers 21, Giants 13

Ahmad Bradshaw fumbles kickoff return. Recovered by Tracy White.

Packers 21, Giants 13

Favre completes seven-yard pass to Bubba Franks. The Green Bay tight ends and running backs are shredding the Giants linebackers right now. Franks seems to be resurrecting his game too. Driver catches a five-yard pass for a first down on third-and-three. TOUCHDOWN DONALD DRIVER! A ten-yard pass.

Packers 27, Giants 13

Mason Crosby's extra point is good.

Packers 28, Giants 13

Aaron Kampman forces a funble but it is recovered by New York. Giants are forced to punt.

Packers 28, Giants 13

The Packers are forced to punt after gaining only one yard.

Packers 28, Giants 13

Derrick Ward picks up 12 yards for a first down on third down. Ward appears to fumble as he goes down, but it is ruled that the ground caused the fumble. Mike McCarthy challenges the call. The call is upheld and the Packers are charged a timeout. Giants take the ball down to the Green Bay 33 after an illegal contact penalty on A.J. Hawk. Packers DT Corey Williams intercepts Manning at the Green Bay 47.

Favre completes a seven-yard pass to Donald Driver for a first down. TOUCHDOWN DESHAWN WYNN! A 38-yard run, his second of the game.

Packers 34, Giants 13

Mason Crosby's point after attempt is good.

Packers 35, Giants 13

Jared Lorenzen is in at quarterback for the Giants. Cullen Jenkins is called for a personal foul. Derrick Ward gains 7 yards up the middle at the two minute warning.

Two Minute Warning
Packers 35, Giants 13

Anthony Wright in at quarterback. Wright's first two passes are incomplete. Wright completes a 12-yard pass to Mix, but his next two passes are incomplete. Ball at Green Bay 11. Jarrett Bush forces an incomplete pass on fourth down.

Favre takes two knees to close the game out.

Packers 35, Giants 13

Final Score:
Green Bay Packers (2-0) 35, New York Giants (0-2) 13

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