Friday, September 14, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 5

So as the curtain drew on a fantastic first weekend of fantasy football, I found myself at 3-1 overall, the benefactor of one point, one-half point, and .35 point wins. Pretty wild, eh?

Matchup #1
Maryland Maniacs
Bel Air Fresh Princes vs. FunkyTown Freaks
Fresh Princes 95, Freaks 94
Analysis: This matchup ended up being a lot closer than I thought it would be, but I got the W, so it's all good. I had five players record 10+ points (Donovan McNabb, Joseph Addai, Travis Henry, Laveranues Coles, and the Chargers D/ST) while my opponent had only three players score 10+ points (Jay Cutler, Frank Gore, Plaxico Burress). However, Burress scored 32 points which basically kept it close. The turning point of the matchup came between wide receivers Reggie Brown (Fresh Princes) and Lee Evans (Freaks). Both came into Week 1 looking to put up big numbers, but, well, neither performed. I don't even think either showed up. Brown scored one point (count it, one!) for me (so I guess you can say he showed up), while Evans scored ZERO points. That one play where McNabb decided to throw to him really helped me.

Matchup #2
FanNation Fantasy Football League
The Providence Kool Thing (0-0) vs. Richmond Wolverines (0-0)
Kool Thing 168 (1-0), Wolverines 167.5 (0-1)
: Wow. What a victory. I came into the Monday night games down 167.5-148 with only two player who hadn't played: Shayne Graham and Darrell Jackson. I think I would regard this as one of the greatest fantasy football comebacks of all-time. I put my faith in a kicker (yes, I know he is part of a high powered offense) who was playing the number one defense and a wide receiver, who, well, just isn't regarded that highly. And they produced, surprisingly. I was again helped by a player of mine (David Martin) producing one point while an opposing player (Nate Kaeding) produced NADA.

Matchup #3
FanNation Elite
DOCTORx Cool (0-0) vs. Ervin's Motorcycle Gang (0-0)
Ervin's Motorcycle Gang (1-0) 292.5, DOCTORx Cool (0-1) 228.5
: I got blown away in this matchup, plain and simple. I had Randy Moss (38.5 points) who was immediately cancelled out by Plaxico Burress (45.5) while Joseph Addai (36) and Tom Brady (52) blew away my running back, Willis McGahee (22.5), and my quarterback, Marc Bulger (25.5). This was also my first league involving defense so my highest scorer was Antoine Winfield (14.5) and my lowest scorer was Terrell Suggs (0). Defense is more hit and miss than offense. I need to learn.

Matchup #4
DOCTORx Cool (0-0) vs. ErvinEater (0-0)
DOCTORx Cool (1-0) 160.23, ErvinEater (0-1) 159.88
: Another close matchup. My highest scorer was Joseph Addai (23.30) against ErvinEater's Steve Smith (25.75). Offensively, I had two players score in double figures, Torry Holt (21.30) and Addai. ErvinEater had the highest scoring player in Randy Moss (40.30). Overall, my offense was outscored 122.63-109.98, but as they say, defense wins championships. My highest scoring defensive players were Madieu Williams (10.00) and DeMeco Ryans (8.50) compared to Julian Peterson (11.50) and Ray Lewis (7.25). Gotta love my defense.

So there we have it, Week 1 of the Fantasy Football season. I'm 3-1 and hope to continue my quest for eventual dominance.

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