Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 6

I guess karma has smiled its face upon me. After going 3-1 last week, I went 2-2 this week, with some heartbreaking losses. So let's find out how my teams did:

Matchup #1
Maryland Maniacs
Bel Air Fresh Princes (1-0) vs. Big Daddy Warriors (0-1)
Warriors (1-1) 119, Fresh Princes (1-1) 70
Analysis: I got blown out in this one. Donovan McNabb (13 points), Joseph Addai (14), and Travis Henry (12) were my only players who earned more than 10 points. My opposition benefited from great performances from Chad Johnson (32), Randy Moss (22), and the Vikings D (20). How does a D lose a game and still earn 20 points? That is beyond me. Along with those three players, the Warriors also had Drew Brees (16) and Jason Elam (10) in double figures. Reggie Brown earned me two points this week, up from one last week...

Matchup #2
FanNation Fantasy Football League
The Providence Kool Thing (1-0) vs. Team likesbrady (0-1)
Kool Thing (2-0) 176.5, Team likesbrady (0-2) 143
Analysis: Defense reigns supreme in this league. My Broncos D recorded 40.5 points this week while the Giants D earned 41.5 points, while giving up 35 points to the Packers. Hmm. My second highest scorer was the surprising LaMont Jordan who racked up 30.5 points for papa. Also having good weeks were Steven Jackson (22.5), Donald Driver (21), Marc Bulger (18.5), and Brandon Jackson (17.5). Not having a good week for me were Daniel Graham (1) and David Martin (3). But what am I going to do? I still got the victory, thanks to goose-eggs by Robert Meachem, Maurice Stovall, and Tony Scheffler. I am very impressed with my start.

Matchup #3
FanNation Elite
DOCTORx Cool (0-1) vs. Kung-Fu Hustle (1-0)
DOCTORx Cool (1-1) 229, Hustle (1-1) 222
Analysis: Yet another close matchup. My top scorers on offense were Randy Moss (32), Marc Bulger (30.5), and Willis McGahee (30). Antoine Winfield (10.5) again led my defense, followed closely by DeMeco Ryans (8.5). My team overcame great performances by Brian Westbrook (31.5), Donovan McNabb (27), and Shaun Alexander (24) on the offensive side and Quentin Jammer (10) and Kirk Morrison (9.5) on the defensive side. Overall, I would say that my offense was moderately successful.

Matchup #4
DOCTORx Cool (1-0) vs. Richmond Wolverines (0-1)
Wolverines (1-1) 171.88, Cool (1-1) 170.30
Analysis: Another tight one at the hands of Yahoo! Of course, the Wolverines have Chad Johnson (50.90). Nothing else was that stellar besides him. And of course my opponent has him the week he breaks out. My top scorer was Roy Williams (23.00) followed closely by Donald Driver (22.05). Chad Johnson. Only reason I lost this one.

After 3-1 and 2-2 weeks, I am still sitting at 5-3 overall for all my leagues, which I am very impressed with.

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