Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2: Packers @ Giants: First Quarter

Week 2
Green Bay Packers (1-0) @ New York Giants (0-1)

The Packers got off to a rough start, giving up two 19-yard plays to Jeremy Shockey and Derrick Ward, before Brady Poppinga gets called with a 15-yard personal foul, letting the Giants get the ball inside the Packers 20 after two plays. The Packers held on third-and-eight, leading to a missed field goal by Lawrence Tynes.

Packers 0, Giants 0

Vernand Morency and Greg Jennings are inactive again, putting some more pressure on rookies Brandon Jackson and James Jones. The Packers put a good first drive together, but are stopped on third-and-one. Mason Crosby is brought out for a 43-yard field goal atempt. Wide left.

Packers 0, Giants 0

Eli Manning completes a third down pass to Steve Smith for a first down.
Gamebreak: Steve Smith (Carolina) makes a fantastic TD catch against the Texans.
Derrick Ward gains six yards for a first down. The Packers defense looks horrible right now. They can't stop anything the Giants throw at them. Aaron Kampman and A.J. Hawk get their first shot at Manning. Joe Buck calls Eli Manning's arm a "moneymaker." Derrick Ward is all over the Packers D. On third-and-six, the Packers get shots on Manning and Jeremy Shockey. Jeff Feagles comes out to punt, passing on a 51-yard-field goal attempt. Feagles punts the ball to the four-yard line.

Packers 0, Giants 0

DeShawn Wynn is stuffed by Antonio Pierce at the line of scrimmage trying to get out from inside the five-yard line. Brett Favre lofts a long pass to Ruvell Martin and draws a pass interference call on Corey Webster, moving the ball to the 27-yard line. It looks as if the Packers are trying to involve Martin more in the offense.
Gamebreak: Cadillac Williams scores his first touchdown of the season against the Saints.
Favre completes a seven-yard pass to James Jones for a first down.

End of First Quarter
Packers 0, Giants 0

Second quarter up next.

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