Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quarterbacks of the 2001 NFL Draft

The 2001 NFL Draft provided an influx of potentially great quarterbacks. But did those quarterbacks really reach their potential?

Michael Vick, Virginia Tech, Round 1, Pick 1
Drafted by: Atlanta Falcons
Current Team: Atlanta Falcons (?)
Career Stats: 74 games, 67 starts, 11,505 yards, 53.8 comp%, 71 TDs, 52 INTs, 75.7 QB Rating, 3,859 rushing yards, 21 rushing TDs
Career Analysis: Was/will never be a true quarterback. Off the field aside, he's exciting, but not really the right kind of quarterback to win championships.

Drew Brees, Purdue, Round 2, Pick 32
Drafted by: San Diego Chargers
Current Team: New Orleans Saints
Career Stats: 77 games, 76 starts, 17,218 yards, 62.7 comp%, 107 TDs, 67 INTs, 86.9 QB Rating
Career Analysis: Relatively mediocre early in his career, the drafting of Phillip Rivers motivated him to play well his last two years in San Diego. However, a torn labrum led to his ousting, where he earned a major contract with New Orleans. The result: an NFC Championship Game appearance a year after having the second pick in the draft.

Quincy Carter, Georgia, Round 2, Pick 52
Drafted by: Dallas Cowboys
Current Team: --
Career Stats: 38 games, 34 starts, 6,337 yards, 56.5 comp%, 32 TDs, 37 INTs, 71.7 QB Rating
Career Analysis: Carter just made a whole bunch of bad decisions in his career. For more on his career, follow this link.

Marques Tuiasosopo, Washington, Round 2, Pick 59
Drafted by: Oakland Raiders
Current Team: New York Jets
Career Stats: 11 games, 2 starts, 550 yards, 54.5 comp%, 2 TDs, 7 INTs, 48.0 QB Rating
Career Analysis: A career backup plagued by injuries. Has never lived up to second round potential. Now on a Jets roster behind Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemons.

Chris Weinke, Florida State, Round 4, Pick 106
Drafted by: Carolina Panthers
Current Team: Out of Football
Career Stats: 27 games, 19 starts, 3,800 yards, 54.3 comp%, 14 TDs, 26 INTs, 61.4 QB Rating
Career Analysis: The good ol', "Let's draft the 28-year old Heisman winner." Weinke, starting 15 games his rookie season, never panned out, which can be said about a lot of the quarterbacks in this draft. Weinke did start three games in the 2006 season (I did not know this) as a 34-year old in his sixth year of pro football. I guess baseball didn't really pan out.

Sage Rosenfels, Iowa State, Round 4, Pick 109
Drafted by: Washington Redskins
Current Team: Houston Texans (by way of Miami Dolphins)
Career Stats: 17 games, 2 starts, 1,041 yards, 54.7 comp%, 9 TDs, 7 INTs, 77.6 QB Rating
Career Analysis: I don't know enough about Rosenfels to really do a write up about him. He spent one year on the bench in Washington before going to Miami, where he saw some playing time. He appeared in four games for the Texans in 2006.

Jesse Palmer, Florida, Round 4, Pick 125
Drafted by
: New York Giants
Current Team: Out of Football
Career Stats: 8 games, 3 starts, 562 yards, 52.5 comp%, 3 TDs, 4 INTs, 59.8 QB Rating
Career Analysis: About the only thing that went for him was being on The Bachelor. I think he messed that up too.

Mike McMahon, Rutgers, Round 5, Pick 149
Drafted by: Detroit Lions
Current Team: Out of Football(?)
Career Stats: Unavailable
Career Analysis: I am having trouble finding anything out at all about this guy, but he was on the Philadelphia roster most recently. He had some good games while playing for the Lions, but never really got a handle on the job as Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia came in and out.

A.J. Feeley, Oregon, Round 5, Pick 155
Drafted by: Philadelphia Eagles
Current Team: Philadelphia Eagles (by way of Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers)
Career Stats: 20 games, 13 starts, 3,389 yards, 55.7 comp%, 22 TDs, 21 INTs, 71.1 QB Rating
Career Analysis: Feeley is most known for guiding the Eagles into the playoffs in his second season after injuries to Donovan McNabb and Koy Detmer. This led to his big payday a year later with Miami, which did not pan out. A mediocre career backup.

Josh Booty, LSU, Round 6, Pick 172
Drafted by: Seattle Seahawks
Current Team: Out of Football in 2003
Career Stats: Never took an NFL snap.
Career Analysis: Spent three seasons on the Cleveland Browns roster. Older brother of John David Booty.

Josh Heupel, Oklahoma, Round 6, Pick 177
Drafted by: Miami Dolphins
Current Team: Out of Football(?)
Career Stats: --
Career Analysis: Never played an NFL snap. Only lasted one year in the NFL.

So there we have it. I would have to say that only one of these quarterbacks (Drew Brees) has had a successful NFL career, and one (Michael Vick) has had a semi-successful career.

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