Friday, August 31, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again...

It's that time of year again. Time for college football. Now, I love college football. I don't follow it as closely as the NFL, but I enjoy watching it. The pageantry, the option. That's why I love college football.

As much as I love college football though, the first two or three weeks before conference play can be excruciating. Take last night, Thursday, August 30, 2007, for example.

Last night there were 11 games:

SE Missouri St. @ Cincinnati

Buffalo @ #16 Rutgers

Tulsa @ Louisiana-Monroe

Miami (OH) @ Ball State

Murray State @ #10 Louisville

#2 LSU @ Mississippi State

Southeastern Louisana @ New Mexico State

Kent State @ Iowa State

UNLV @ Utah State

Weber State @ #24 Boise State

Utah @ Oregon State

Looks like some pretty good games, right? Not so much. The winners (Cincinnati, Rutgers, Tulsa, Miami (OH), Louisville, LSU, New Mexico St., Kent State, UNLV, Boise State, Oregon State) outscored the losers 425-104. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that's a difference of 321 points. Five hundred twenty-nine points were scored, translating to 48 points a game, and an average final score of 38-10. There were margins of victory of 63, 56, 49, 45, and 35 points.

The results (in case you didn't know) from each game:

Cincinnati 59, Southeast Missouri St. 3

#16 Rutgers 38, Buffalo 3

Tulsa 35, Louisiana-Monroe 17

Miami (OH) 14, Ball St. 13

#10 Louisville 73, Murray State 10

#2 LSU 45, Mississippi State 0

New Mexico State 35, Southeastern Louisiana 14

Kent State 23, Iowa State 14

UNLV 23, Utah State 16

#24 Boise State 56, Weber State 7

Oregon State 24, Utah 7

Some of those scores are ridiculous. It is so tiresome watching Louisville beat Murray State 73-10. Who scheduled that game?

I see these early games as a chance to pad stats for the Heisman hopefuls. Brian Brohm didn't come out of the game until he put the Cardinals up 56-10. What, 49-10 at halftime wasn't enough?

The only good game it seems was Miami (OH)-Ball State, in which Brandon Murphy of Miami (OH) scored the game winning touchdown with 17 seconds left in a conference matchup. Why can't they start the conference matchups sooner?

Despite easy opponents, some players still put up amazing stat lines:

Brian Brohm, Louisville, QB: 16/21, 375 yards, 4 TDs

Harry Douglas, Louisville, WR: 5 catches, 151 yards, 2 TDs

Mike Teel, Rutgers, QB: 16/23, 328 yards, 2 TDs

Ray Rice, Rutgers, RB: 25 rushes, 184 yards, 3 TDs

Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers, WR: 10 catches, 248 yards, 2 TDs

Paul Smith, Tulsa, QB: 22/31, 307 yards, 3 TDs

Brandon Murphy, Miami (OH), RB: 19 rushes, 123 yards, 2 TDs

Chase Holbrook, New Mexico State, QB: 22/31, 280 yards, 4 TDs

Ian Johnson, Boise State, RB: 18 rushes, 129 yards, 3 TDs

Yvenson Benard, Oregon State, RB: 29 rushes, 165 yards, 2 TDs

So that caps off Day 1 of NCAA Football. Hopefully, you come away with the opinion that something should be done about these "warm-up" games for the powerhouses. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 4

As we come to the final introductory blog for my 2007-2008 Fantasy Football teams, I bring you my fourth and final team:

Team #4: DOCTORx Cool, IwontScrewThis1Up, Yahoo

IwontscrewThis1Up is also a six team league with individual defensive players. The starting lineup is:

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
9 D
1 K
8 BN

So DOCTORx Cool, Yahoo Edition:

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, QB

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles, QB

Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs, RB

Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts, RB

Cedric Benson, Chicago Bears, RB

Laurence Maroney, New England Patriots, RB

Michael Turner, San Diego Chargers, RB

Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams, WR

Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers, WR

Roy Williams, Detroit Lions, WR

Reggie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns, WR

Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs, TE

L.J. Smith, Philadelphia Eagles, TE

Jeff Wilkins, St. Louis Rams, K

David Akers, Philadelphia Eagles, K

A.J. Hawk, Green Bay Packers, DL

Sean Jones, Cleveland Browns, DB

Jonathon Vilma, New York Jets, DL

Aaron Schobel, Buffalo Bills, DL

Madieu Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, DB

Dawan Landry, Baltimore Ravens, DB

D'Qwell Jackson, Cleveland Browns, DL

Adrian Wilson, Arizona Cardinals, DB

DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans, DL

Quarterbacks: Brees is a high end option as we all know, and McNabb should be able to fill in admirably during his absence.

Running Backs: LJ is a horse, while big things are expected out of Addai. Benson, Maroney, and Turner are all good emergency options.

Wide Recievers: I'd say Holt, Driver, and Williams is a pretty strong corps. Edwards and Brown will be in backup duty most of the season.

Tight Ends: Gonzo is Gonzo, and Smith should be able to put up some numbers.

Kickers: Not a lot of people agree with having two kickers, but I have two good ones in Wilkins and Akers. I can make it work.

Defense: Personally, I think it has some studs.

So there it is. DOCTORx Cool, Yahoo Edition.

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 3

Now I bring you my third team:

Team #3: DOCTORx Cool, FanNation Elite, ESPN

FanNation Elite is a six-team league that also had an individual defensive players involved. Made it very interesting. The starting lineup for the team is as follows:

1 QB
2 RBs
3 WRs
2 TEs
2 DTs
2 DEs
3 LBs
2 CBs
2 Ss
1 K

Pretty ambitious. I expect some high scoring matchups. So here is my roster:

Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams, QB

Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions, QB

Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs, RB

Willis McGahee, Buffalo Bills, RB

Thomas Jones, New York Jets, RB

Jerious Norwood, Atlanta Falcons, RB

Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts, WR

Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers, WR

Randy Moss, New England Patriots, WR

Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers, WR

Matt Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars, WR

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers, WR

Kevin Curtis, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Alge Crumpler, Atlanta Falcons, TE

Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers, TE

Greg Olsen, Chicago Bears, TE

Cullen Jenkins, Green Bay Packers, DT

Luis Castillo, San Diego Chargers, DT

Kris Jenkins, Carolina Panthers, DT

Aaron Schobel, Buffalo Bills, DE

Derrick Burgess, Oakland Raiders, DE

Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis Colts, DE

Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens, LB

DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans, LB

A.J. Hawk, Green Bay Packers, LB

Ernie Sims, Detroit Lions, LB

Antoine Winfield, Minnesota Vikings, CB

Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers, CB

Madieu Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, CB

Adrian Wilson, Arizona Cardinals, S

Dawan Landry, Baltimore Ravens, S

Reggie Nelson, Jacksonville Jaguars, S

It would be too much to write something about each player, so I am going to go position by position:

Quarterbacks: A good starter in Bulger and a solid backup in Kitna. The man did have 4,000 yards passing last year and is in Mike Martz's offense, so anything is possible.

Runnings Backs: Above average. Norwood can easily fill in if Johnson struggles early. McGahee and Jones could be studs if they produce.

Wide Receivers: Very good. Two top ten WRs in Harrison and Driver and then another top twenty WR in Moss. Good options off the bench with Holmes, Jones, Jackson, and Curtis.

Tight Ends: Could be good if Harrington and Crumpler clicks, Davis has a breakout year, and Olsen has the impact I think he will have.

Defensive Tackles: Actually a good haul. Cullen Jenkins is a DE in real life, so that should provide a boost in the stats.

Defensive Ends: Schobel is overlooked while Burgess is solid. Freeney is a question mark (only 5.5 sacks last year) and I actually picked him up late in the draft. Bargain?

Linebackers: Cha-ching. The strength of my defense. Young, but talented.

Corners: Average. Winfield is a great tackler while Woodson makes plays. Williams is a safety in real life, so another boost to the stats.

Safeties: Above average. Wilson is a stud, while Landry gets plenty of opportunities on the Ravens D. Nelson could come in handy.

So there we have it. DOCTORx Cool of FanNation Elite.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 2

In my first entry, I brought you my first team, the Bel Air Fresh Princes. Now I bring you my second:

Team #2: The Providence Kool Thing, The FanNation Fantasy Football League

The FanNation Fantasy Football League is a 16-team league (never do it) with 19-man rosters and the following starting lineup:


Kudos to the genius that thought that up. Also, my computer kept screwing up so I was the victim of autopick on many a draft choice. So, without further adue, here is The Providence Kool Thing:

Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams, QB: Second round pick. In St. Louis with a high powere offense. Plenty of weapons in Holt, Bruce, Bennett, Jackson, and McMichael.

Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers, QB: Middle round pick. A solid backup. Should be able to fill in admirably if Bulger happens to go down.

Matt Schaub, Houston Texans, QB: Victim of autopick. No clue why I have him. Looking to trade him. If you're in FN FFL and are interested, let me know. Looking for a WR.

Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams, RB: First round pick. A stud. Hopefully he will reach his goal of 2,500 yards from scrimmage. He can run and he can catch.

LaMont Jordan, Oakland Raiders, RB: Middle round pick. A bit of a sleeper in my book. He was first round material last year, but his stock fell after floundering in Oakland. Sure, the Raiders brought in Dominic Rhodes, but Rhodes is out for the first four games, giving this University of Maryland alum time to shine.

Brandon Jackson, Green Bay Packers, RB: Middle round pick. An ok pickup in my opinion. Jackson goes into camp splitting time with Vernand Morency, but it appears that Jackson may have the starting job. Good news for me.

Maurice Morris, Seattle Seahawks, RB: Another victim of autopick. Filled in pretty well while Shaun Alexander was out last year. Should perform well if he goes down this year. Any Shaun Alexander owners interested?

Lorenzo Booker, Miami Dolphins, RB: Autopick. I don't really have anything to say except that there are worse backs out there.

Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers, WR: Third round pick. Should produce well if he is healthy. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that he should be ready by Week 1.

Darrell Jackson, San Francisco 49ers, WR: Autopick. Might perform well. Semi-reliable target for Alex Smith. A few good games here and there.

Joe Jurevicius, Cleveland Browns, WR: Autopick. Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow are the focal points of this offense, so I expect this former Tampa Bay Buccaneer to get some table scraps.

Billy McMullen, Minnesota Vikings, WR: Late round pick. C'mon, he was the best available. A 6'4", 215 lb target sounds pretty good to me, but there is a downside: he plays in Minnesota and virtually has no experience.

Demetrius Williams, Baltimore Ravens, WR: Few people outside of Baltimore know of him, but he had a few good games last year. The third WR in the Ravens' offense, Williams should get some looks as Derrick Mason fades.

Daniel Graham, Denver Broncos, TE

David Martin, Miami Dolphins, TE: Mid-late round pick. Cam Cameron likes his TEs. Ever hear of a guy named Gates? Martin is no Gates, but he showed flashes of brilliance in Green Bay.

Donald Lee, Green Bay Packers, TE: Late round pick. A sleeper who could develop if Bubba Franks cannot shake his case of the drops.

Denver Broncos, D/ST: Middle round pick. Not a great defense, but a solid defense. Very good secondary.

Miami Dolphins, D/ST: Late round pick. A sleeper defense, with Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas racking up the stats.

Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals, K

So there you have The Providence Kool Thing.

Can MLB Get Any Better Then This?

As I combed the house for food this morning, I stumbled across ESPN while going through the channels, they did a special on the very important baseball series' that were going on this week:
Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees
Los Angeles Angels @ Seattle Mariners
Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres
Those are the four that they touched on, but after doing some research, I found some more:
New York Mets @ Philadelphia Phillies
Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians
This is going to be a good week of baseball. Some of the division races will be decided. Here is a preview of each series:

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees
Three games series, August 28-30, 2007
Boston: 80-51, 0 games back
New York: 72-58, 7.5 games back
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Matsuzaka (13-10, 3.76) vs. Pettite (11-7, 3.69)
Game 2: Beckett (16-5, 3.21) vs. Clemens (5-5, 4.34)
Game 3: Schilling (8-5, 4.11) vs. Wang (15-6, 3.95)
My Take: The Red Sox venture into New York with a 7.5 game lead that could easily vanish. The Red Sox may very well only have a 3.5 game lead on the Yankees (if New York beats Detroit tonight and sweeps the Sox). The Yankees have struggled in their last ten, going 5-5 while the Red Sox have expanded their lead by going 7-3 in their last ten. The schedule works out perfectly for each team, as they have their top three starters starting in this series. The 7.5 game margin in the standings makes this series seem like it is only important because it's Red Sox-Yankees, but this can very well be a factor come October.
Future Matchups
September 14-16, 2007 in Boston

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Seattle Mariners
Three game series, August 27-29, 2007
Los Angeles: 76-54, 0 games back
Seattle: 73-55, 2.0 games back
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Lackey (15-8, 3.34) vs. Batista (13-9, 4.57)
Game 2: Santana (5-12, 6.03) vs. Weaver (6-10, 5.51)
Game 3: Weaver (9-6, 3.96) vs. Hernandez (10-6, 3.90)
My Take: Seattle could very well come out of this with a sweep or at least two games. Jeff Weaver (SEA) has been pitching well lately, as he usually does in the second half, while Santana has been off and on all season. The climax of this series is the third game where two of the premier young pitchers in the AL show off in a matchup between Jered Weaver and Felix Hernandez. Seattle can gain on the division and extend their wild-card league with a strong showing in this matchup.
Future Matchups
September 20-23, 2007, in Anaheim

Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs
Three game series, August 28-30, 2007
Milwaukee: 65-65, 1.5 games back
Chicago: 66-63, 0 games back
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Suppan (8-11, 4.85) vs. Hill (7-7, 3.67)
Game 2: TBA vs. Zambrano (14-10, 3.95)
Game 3: TBA vs. Lily (13-7, 3.85)
My Take: Milwaukee picked a very bad time to be going against two of Chicago's top starters. Coming in on a four game losing streak, including a sweep at the hands of the lowly San Francisco Giants, the Brewers are no longer the team they were in April and May. However, these two teams need to be more worried about St. Louis than each other. In their last 30, the Cubs are 13-17 while the Brewers are 9-21 (that's not good). During this span, the Cardinals were 18-12 and have pulled within a half game of the Brewers and two games of the Cubs. All three of these teams are limping towards the finish line with their eyes in the rearview mirrors, as the division seems to be the only way any three of these teams will make it into the playoffs. With no more games played against each other, this is it.
Future Matchups

Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres
Four games series, August 27-30, 2007
Arizona: 74-54, 0 games back
San Diego: 70-59, 3.0 games back
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Hernandez (9-8, 4.96) vs. Peavy (14-5, 2.21)
Game 2: Webb (14-8, 2.63) vs. Germano (6-7, 4.24)
Game 3: Owings (6-7, 4.69) vs. Maddux (10-9, 3.90)
Game 4: Davis (11-11, 4.09) vs. TBA
My Take: Arizona has been tearing it up in their last 30, going 21-9, while San Diego has put up a mark of 16-14 in the same span. Arizona has become the new favorite to win the West behind their young talent, but San Diego could very well steal the division by sweeping this series, a la New York sweeping Boston in five games last year, or taking three of the four games. San Diego still remains a favorite for the World Series for some people, but for them to really have a chance, they need their offense to step it up. They are facing three pitchers with ERAs over four, so this could be the series where the offense wakes up.
Future Matchups
September 3-5, 2007, in Arizona

New York Mets @ Philadelphia Phillies
Four game series, August 27-30, 2007
New York: 73-56, 0 games back
Philadelphia: 67-62, 6.0 games back
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Lawrence (1-1, 5.57) vs. Durbin (5-3, 5.44)
Game 2: Glavine (11-6, 4.32) vs. Eaton (9-8, 6.36)
Game 3: Perez (12-8, 3.34) vs. Moyer (11-10, 5.16)
Game 4: Hernandez (9-4, 3.07) vs. Lohse (7-12, 4.47)
My Take: Even the most ardent of Phillies' fans will acknowledge that the division race is over if the Mets take three of four or sweep. However, the Phillies can swing the momentum and get back in the wild-card (3.0 games behind SD) with a few victories. When you look at the pitching they are throwing out there, this does not seem likely. How does Adam Eaton have a record over .500 (albeit one game)? The Phillies should be able to hang tough and hope to win with an offense that just exploded for 14 runs against a good pitching team in San Diego. Basically, this series decides the Phillies' season.
Future Matchups
September 14-16, 2007, in New York

Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians
Three game series, August 27-29, 2007
Minnesota: 67-63, 5.5 games behind
Cleveland: 72-57, 0 games behind
Pitching Matchups
Game 1: Silva (10-12, 4.10) vs. Byrd (12-5, 4.61)
Game 2: Bonser (6-10, 4.76) vs. Westbrook (4-7, 4.40)
Game 3: Santana (14-9, 2.97) vs. Sabathia (14-7, 3.38)
My Take: Minnesota has surged back into the division hunt on a five-game winning streak that includes a sweep of the Baltimore Orioles. Only 5.5 games back of Cleveland, Minnesota can see the prize, while Cleveland can see Detroit and Minnesota in their rear view mirror. The ultimate matchup, in my opinion, is the final game of this series: Johan Santana vs. C.C. Sabathia. Two of the best pitchers in the American League duking it out. Should be a fantastic game.
Future Matchups
September 3-5, 2007 in Minnesota

So there we have it. A preview of some fantastic baseball that is taking place this week.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 1

I thought that I could blog about my fantasy football seasons (and my four teams), so here it goes...

Team #1: Bel Air Fresh Princes, Maryland Maniacs, ESPN

First off, Maryland Maniacs is an eight-person league with 18 man rosters. The starting lineups consist of:


And here is my team. May I present to you, the Bel Air Fresh Princes:

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles, QB: My third round pick. With my top five quarterbacks off of the board, I had to turn to McNabb, who I can trust to at least have a quick start and get some big points if he comes off of his injury ok.

Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals, QB: Late round pick. I will mostly resign Leinart to backup duty, except for McNabb's bye week or if McNabb cannot return from injury. Has some good weapons in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts, RB: First round pick. My main option at the running back position. Running behind a strong Colts offensive line should be beneficial. Last season he became the first running back to rush for over 1,000 yards without starting a game.

Travis Henry, Denver Broncos, RB: Second round pick. After having 1,000 yard rushing seasons for Buffalo and Tennessee, Henry looks to do it again in Denver. I mean, it's Denver. I know he hurt his knee, but Shanahan expects him to be ready for Week 1. I hope he is.

Ahman Green, Houston Texans, RB: Middle round pick. I was actually supposed to draft Chester Taylor here, but my computer messed up, so I ended up with Green. This actually might pay off. I know he as 30, which is not the best time to be a running back, but he is in a familiar blocking scheme in Houston. Should pay off during Addai or Henry's bye week.

Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, RB: Middle-late round pick. First off, this guy really screwed me over last year. No question about it. I see him more fit for a backup role. I see him barely getting back to his rookie season form. Like Green, Williams may come in handy during a bye week.

Michael Turner, San Diego Chargers, RB: Last pick. So basically, if LaDainian Tomlinson goes down, I win the league. Most likely not, but if LT does go down, I can either put him in the starting lineup or hold him for a king's ransom. Rumors about him being traded have also been swirling, something else to keep an eye on.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals, WR: Third round pick. Coming off of a very good season and I expect him to produce. The Arizona air attack just has me drooling, even though he and Boldin may see a drop off in numbers with Ken Wisenhut and Russ Grimm instituting a new offense that may be dedicated to the run.

Lavernaues Coles, New York Jets, WR: Middle round pick. Actually a very consistent fantasy option. Five 100-yard receiving games last season. Worth a spot in the starting lineup.

Reggie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles, WR: Middle round pick. His stats from last season look maddeningly inconsistent, so I will have to pick and choose the games he starts. Should become McNabb's favorite target this season and hopefully will put up the stats to prove it.

Mark Clayton, Baltimore Ravens, WR: Middle-late round pick. Currently out with a high ankle sprain and may be ready by the season opener. Taking the number one receiver spot on the Ravens over from Derrick Mason. I think he will be producing greatly by the end of the year.

Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers, WR: Middle-late round pick. Receiving stiff competition from rookie James Jones, but if Driver misses any significant time, I'm expecting Jennings to produce.

Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs, TE: Fourth or fifth round pick. Still a stud option at TE. I don't think his numbers will be as good as last years' because of the quarterback situation in KC, but he could provide a very reliable target for Croyle or Huard or whomever.

Daniel Graham, Denver Broncos, TE: Middle round pick. Regarded highly as a sleeper, I couldn't resist the pickup. Sure, he has to compete for time with Scheffler, but he can easily be seen as a good target. The man had seven TDs in 2004.

San Diego Chargers, D/ST: Ninth or tenth round pick. Shawne Merriman and sacks are the first words that come to mind when thinking about this defense. Shouldn't be too shabby.

Philadelphia Eagles, D/ST: Late round pick. Above average defense. Should fill in nicely for the Chargers during their bye week.

Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals, K: Middle round pick. Kicks for one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. Plenty of opportunities.

David Akers, Philadelphia Eagles, K: Late round pick. The Eagles actually have a pretty good offense so he will have opportunities. A good option if Graham and the Bengals have to play one of the tough AFC defenses.

So there you have it. I will have my other three teams up eventually and write some more about my matchups and whether or not I should have won.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Packers clear roster space...

On Friday, Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson announced that the Packers had parted ways with 11 players:

Ingle Martin, QB - 3-5, 14 yds, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 1 sack; 0-0 for 0 yds, 2 rushes for -5 yards in Packers career. Martin, who was going into his second year in the league after being drafted out of Furman, probably had his fate sealed in Thursday's preseason game against Jacksonville, where he went 2-3 for 6 yds and 1 INT, which was returned for a TD. I watched his last two drives, and it appeared he had no clue what was going on. Paul Thompson, a rookie out of Oklahoma, will most likely take his spot as the third quarterback behind Favre and Rodgers.
Random Fact: Martin was a punter at Florida before transferring to Furman so he could play quarterback.

P.J. Pope, RB: Pope, going into his second season out of Bowling Green, had seen no action this preseason and barely any last season, appearing in one (1) game combined for the Chicago Bears and Packers. Clears some more space in the backfield, where Morency and Jackson are fighting for the starting spot.

Erryn Cobb, FB: Cobb was an undrafted free agent out of Northwestern. In college, he played linebacker, fullback, and tight end.

Carlton Brewster, WR: Brewster, one year removed from Ferris State, caught one pass for ten yards this preseason, against Seattle.

Joe Werner, TE: Werner, a rookie out of Wisconsin-La Crosse, had seen game action this preseason, but did not record a catch.

Pat Murray, G: Murray, a 22-year old rookie out of Truman State, appeared in the first two preseason games against Seattle and Pittsburgh, but did not appear in the game against Jacksonville.

C.J. Blomvall, C: Blomvall, who played college ball at Temple, appeared in the first two preseason games and did not appear against Jacksonville.

DeVon Hicks, DE: Hicks, a rookie out of Northwest Mississippi CC, did not record any defensive statistics in the three preseason games this year.

Juwan Simpson, LB: Simpson, a rookie out of Alabama, had two tackles (one solo, one assist) against Seattle. He did not record any statistics against Pittsburgh or Jacksonville.

Antonio Malone, CB: Malone, a rookie out of Toledo, had three tackles this preseason. However, he did not record any defensive statistics against Jacksonville.

Ryan Dougherty, P: With the release of Dougherty, a rookie from East Carolina, the punting job seems to be Jon Ryan's. Dougherty punted eight times for 370 yards, an average of 46.25 yards per punt. Dougherty's long was 56 yards against Pittsburgh.

So there we have it. Eleven people off the roster, clearing some space.

Go Packers!