Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Fantasy Diaries: Volume 4

As we come to the final introductory blog for my 2007-2008 Fantasy Football teams, I bring you my fourth and final team:

Team #4: DOCTORx Cool, IwontScrewThis1Up, Yahoo

IwontscrewThis1Up is also a six team league with individual defensive players. The starting lineup is:

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
9 D
1 K
8 BN

So DOCTORx Cool, Yahoo Edition:

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, QB

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles, QB

Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs, RB

Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts, RB

Cedric Benson, Chicago Bears, RB

Laurence Maroney, New England Patriots, RB

Michael Turner, San Diego Chargers, RB

Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams, WR

Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers, WR

Roy Williams, Detroit Lions, WR

Reggie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns, WR

Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs, TE

L.J. Smith, Philadelphia Eagles, TE

Jeff Wilkins, St. Louis Rams, K

David Akers, Philadelphia Eagles, K

A.J. Hawk, Green Bay Packers, DL

Sean Jones, Cleveland Browns, DB

Jonathon Vilma, New York Jets, DL

Aaron Schobel, Buffalo Bills, DL

Madieu Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, DB

Dawan Landry, Baltimore Ravens, DB

D'Qwell Jackson, Cleveland Browns, DL

Adrian Wilson, Arizona Cardinals, DB

DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans, DL

Quarterbacks: Brees is a high end option as we all know, and McNabb should be able to fill in admirably during his absence.

Running Backs: LJ is a horse, while big things are expected out of Addai. Benson, Maroney, and Turner are all good emergency options.

Wide Recievers: I'd say Holt, Driver, and Williams is a pretty strong corps. Edwards and Brown will be in backup duty most of the season.

Tight Ends: Gonzo is Gonzo, and Smith should be able to put up some numbers.

Kickers: Not a lot of people agree with having two kickers, but I have two good ones in Wilkins and Akers. I can make it work.

Defense: Personally, I think it has some studs.

So there it is. DOCTORx Cool, Yahoo Edition.

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