Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday Burn: April 11, 2008

So this is coming out on Saturday, due to the fact I had a track meet that went WAY too long last night.

On Monday, the Kansas Jayhawks knocked off the Memphis Tigers for the NCAA Basketball Championship. Memphis essentially had the game won before collapsing in the final minute and losing in overtime. Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose each missed key free throws before Mario Chalmers sank a game-tying three-pointer with about 2.1 seconds left. Kansas dominated overtime for the win. This game kicked off a sleepless week for me and a week where I isolated myself from major sports media outlets, which basically means I changed the channel whenever ESPN started to talk about the game or read any articles or blogs about the game online.

I really hate watching or reading sports news after a major championship game. I knew that all ESPN and everyone would be talking about was the fact that Memphis lost the game, not the fact that Kansas won it. Well I watched that game, and Kansas won it. They buckled down at the end and took advantage of all the breaks Memphis gave them. But all everyone could talk about was how Rose could not sink the free throws and how Douglas-Roberts could not either. Not the fact that Kansas hung tough in the game.

They talked about the fact that Memphis lost the game. Not the fact that Kansas won it.

That was a short burn. But I am busy.

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