Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Burn: 4.4.2008

On the fifth anniversary of one of my finest moments (state geography bee appearance) and the fortieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death, I am feeling a little agitated. I need a burn.

Bus Cook. I am really starting to hate the man. Shopping around the services of Brett Favre, allegedly without his knowledge? I do not like that one bit. Favre is done. There is no way he will play again in another uniform. If he does, that is a total public relations disaster for the Packers, the NFL, and Brett Favre. Throughout this whole retirement process, Cook has been there, planting the seed of doubt in everyone's mind about Favre's status. He talked about how Favre could play two or three more years and leaked his opinion that Favre was being forced out by the Packers so that Aaron Rodgers could take the reins. The real article (not that little stub) has quotes from Cook saying he did not know of Favre's desire to play, but this just clouds the waters. Bus Cook, please do not become Drew Rosenhaus or Scott Boras.

I originally heard the story last night on the intro to Sportscenter before seeing the above link this morning. The intro scared me a little bit and made it sound like he could be traded in the next week. Whoever covered the story for ESPN (I forget who it was) did a good job of reassuring me that this would most likely not happen.

A little clarification for those of you who think that Favre needs his retirement papers to be officially retired and for the Packers to clear cap space. Favre would only need to file the papers to collect is severance pay which is usually done by people who need the money right away. Favre seems set for life so it is unnecessary for him to collect that pay right away. For the Packers to collect the $11.2 million in cap space that would be given to them after Favre is taken off the payroll, all they need to do is put Favre on the reserve/retired list, and, BAM, $11.2 million in cap space.

Chris Henry is done. Bravo, young man. Derailing your life at the age of 24. But since you have a world of talent, you will probably get picked up by some team willing to take a flyer on you. So clean up your act.

West Virginia University has the reputation of being one of the biggest party schools in the country. I know people (not na├»ve people at that) who have transferred out of there because there was too much drug and alcohol use. Has anyone else noticed that both Henry AND Pacman Jones have both come out of there? Must be something in the water…

As an Eagles fans, it is comforting to know that Donovan McNabb will not be traded. The way the Eagles closed out the 2007 season is a good sign for the 2008 season (see: 2007 Green Bay Packers). If the Eagles want to win now, they must do it with McNabb at the helm. Kevin Kolb is not ready AT ALL, and God help the soul that thinks he is the future within the next two years. Kolb has potential, but he is at least three-to-four years away. Throwing him to the lions in Philadelphia would not be the smartest thing to do. He should at least see some garbage time this year though.

Billy Packer
may be calling it quits as announcer of the Final Four games. I've still got my hand on the mute button for those games though. I will remember Packer most notably for ranting on national TV two or three years ago about how the Missouri Valley Conference had too many berths in the NCAA Tournament. Then three or so of those teams made the Sweet 16. Oops. Packer always struck me as an arrogant know-it-all and I did not like his voice to begin with.

On Sunday, Seattle Mariners pitcher Erik Bedard will make his return to Baltimore and Camden Yards. As a Baltimore area person, I really liked Bedard. I did not want to see him go, but I really like Adam Jones. I am hoping Jones can team with Nick Markakis to give the Orioles a good outfield. Also, former Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo returns to Camden Yards as well.

Mike Hampton strained his pectoral muscle warming up for his first start since 2005. Well, at least he still got paid that contract.

So this seems mighty similar to Action-Reaction. Well it is not. Get used to this.

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