Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fantasy Baseball ’08: Volume I

I know, I tried this before with fantasy football last fall, but back then I had four teams. I only have one baseball team this spring, however, so this should be a heck of a lot easier.

First off, I am playing in the Atroo Grou League with FanNationers and members of the Atroo. The league is run by the one and only Coletrain, and is rounded out with Nomar, chrono, redskinhater, Cardsox, thehemogoblin, hiya, Esco, DetroitFan, League of Shadows and Mac. My team is called The Dunder-Mifflins. I would like to say I have a pretty good team.

We conducted a live draft a few weeks ago, and this is the team I ended up with:

C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B: Travis Hafner
2B: Brandon Phillips
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Derek Jeter
OF: Vladimir Guerrero
OF: Corey Hart
OF: Shane Victorino
UTIL: Aaron Rowand
BN: Pat Burrell
BN: Troy Glaus
BN: Adam LaRoche
SP: Carlos Zambrano
SP: Tim Lincecum
RP: Chad Billingsley
RP: Chad Cordero
P: John Maine
P: Ian Snell
P: Joe Blanton
BN: Curt Schilling
BN: Matt Capps

Now, that is a pretty solid team, in my opinion. However, that viewpoint changed a little bit, and I had to move fast.

Schilling is on the DL until probably around August. So I dropped him and added Jeremy Guthrie to my roster. Then, (I didn't notice this until today, shame on me) I realized that Saltalamacchia is in the minors to start the season. So I added the hot Ryan Doumit, who probably will not be able to keep his hot streak up, but hopefully will be productive until Salty can make it back to the majors.

So there it is. Hopefully every Saturday I will be able to update all you readers on the progress of my team.

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