Saturday, December 1, 2007

DJ’s Band of the Week 11/25/07-12/1/07

My Band of the Week this week is Washington, D.C.'s own The Evens.

The Evens are an indie rock band featuring guitarist and vocalist Ian MacKaye and drummer and vocalist Amy Farina. The Evens were formed in the fall of 2001 before MacKaye's band, Fugazi, went on hiatus. Farina is formerly of The Warmers while MacKaye is formerly of Minor Threat. The Evens began practicing extensively after Fugazi went on hiatus and eventually released a self-titled album in on MacKaye's Dischord Records.

The Evens gained acclaim in 2003 for creating a music video for an original song called "Vowel Movement." The children's song was made for Washington, D.C. based Pancake Mountain, an internet-based children's program. The video was Sesame Street-like and has become a fan favorite, even though it has never been played live. The band then released The Evens in March 2005. Diehard MacKaye fans were greatly anticipating the release because it was his first non-Fugazi LP release since 1987's Embrace, while The Evens are his first side project since Pailhead in 1988.

On November 6, 2006, The Evens released Get Evens.

I myself have only heard The Evens, but The Evens have thrust themselves into the upper echelon of my favorite bands. MacKaye's voice is just great all around, but Farina's voice is what really gets me. Her voice reminds me of a sunny winter's day with snow on the ground. That's hard to understand, but just listen to them and you will hear what I mean. My favorite song by them is "Around the Corner." Other great songs include "All These Governors," "If It's Water," and "You Won't Feel a Thing." I would recommend The Evens to anyone that enjoys some great indie rock.

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