Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Best Game No One Will See

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 29, 2007, the 10-1 Green Bay Packers travel to Dallas to take on the 10-1 Cowboys. This game could be the best of the season (yes, better than Pats-Colts), as it will most likely determine home-field advantage in the NFC. The road to the Super Bowl will most likely go through Dallas or the frozen tundra of Lambeau. It's an old fashioned Texas shootout between two of the top quarterbacks in the league this year, Brett Favre and Tony Romo. But the only thing is, no one will see this game.


NFL Network.

In my opinion, NFL Network is the biggest ripoff in the history of sports. The NFL can't do the same thing as NBA TV or an MLB channel because there are only a small number of NFL games each weeks, as opposed to many, many NBA and MLB games in a week. How many subscribers are there NFL Network anyway?

As someone who only has basic cable, is too young to go to a bar, and is too stingy to pay for NFL FieldPass, I will be relegated to following the game on, CBS Sportsline, or, watching the little arrows. Yeah. It's horrible.

I think NFL Network is great for all of the offseason stuff like rebroadcasting games and the show "America's Game," but I don't think it is meant for broadcasting live NFL games. When the Vikings played the Packers on NFL Network last year, I got lucky because I was at my grandparents' house in Oregon who had NFL Network. The Packers won 9-7 (if I remember correctly) in a great game.

I was going to do a good ol' analysis of it, but for that, check this blog by our favorite Eagle Hater. I just don't have time.

So here is my prediction (a bit biased):

Packers 31, Cowboys 28

Let the best team win.

Homefield advantage is at stake.

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