Sunday, May 4, 2008

Action-Reaction: May 5, 2008

Action-Reaction: May 5, 2008

Action: Indianapolis Colts WR Marvin Harrison has been interviewed in a shooting that took place in Philadelphia.
Reaction: The thing that needs to be stressed here is that Harrison has NOT been arrested or charged with anything yet. He has just been interviewed which is just "part of the investigation" according to a police officer involved. It would be a huge shame if anything comes of this. Harrison is one of the good guys in football. He's not flashy, he does not celebrate his touchdowns, he just makes plays. I really like him. I have his rookie card. He went to my grandfather's alma mater in Philly. Just a great guy that does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as Adam Jones and Chris Henry.

Action: Staying in Philly, Eagles CB Lito Sheppard reported to a mandatory minicamp on Friday.
Reaction: This ended the speculation that Sheppard would hold out after the Eagles signed Asante Samuel in the offseason. The best situation for the Eagles would be to restructure Sheppard's contract to keep him, Samuel, and Sheldon Brown. It might be in the team's best interest to do this as well. The Washington Redskins loaded their wide receiving corps in the draft, drafting Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas to go along with Antwan Randle El and Santana Moss. The Dallas Cowboys have Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, and Patrick Crayton to go along with Sam Hurd and other receivers who randomly show up to play on certain days. Andy Reid needs to try to keep Sheppard on the Eagles.

Action: The Cleveland Browns rewarded GM Phil Savage with a three-year contract extension through 2012.
Reaction: This is a good move for the Browns. Savage has almost single-handedly rebuilt the Cleveland franchise. His free agent moves have combined with good draft choices, giving the Browns one of the great teams and a team that contend for the division in 2008.

Action: Julio Franco has announced that he is retiring from baseball.
Reaction: The 23-year veteran played in five different countries and called his decision to retire the "hardest decision in my life." Franco became the oldest player to ever hit a home run in history last year off of Randy Johnson. I was really hoping that Franco would get a chance to play as a 50-year-old, just because I thought that would be pretty cool. However, that will not happen. Franco will definitely be missed in the majors.

Action: According to The Los Angeles Times, Kobe Bryant will win his first MVP award.
Reaction: I do not Kobe at all. He is just one of those guys that I just do not like. Nothing I can really do about that. But he definitely deserves this award. With all the injuries the Lakers dealt with during this season, he really was the glue that held the team together. So he deserves it. He can do it all.

Action: The Philadelphia Flyers ousted the Montreal Canadiens in five games, allowing the Flyers to return to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2004.
Reaction: The Flyers were the worst team in the NHL last year so this is a great story. I'm rooting for the Flyers. Even though it is rather hard to really care about hockey.

Action: LSU Tigers QB Ryan Perriloux has ended his career at LSU.
Reaction: Good riddance.

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