Sunday, May 4, 2008

2008 Preseason All-NL West Team

It's been about two weeks since I did the last segment of this. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is the 2008 Preseason All-NL West Team, from my point of view.

First Team

C: Russell Martin (LAD)
Martin is the real deal for catchers. He can hit for high average with some power. And he can run (21 SBs in 2007).

1B: Todd Helton (COL)
Helton's power numbers fell of last season, but he remained a vital cog in the Rockies machine, hitting .320. He is still one of the best hitters out there even though age is catching up with him.

2B: Jeff Kent (LAD)
Age has caught up with Kent, moreso than Helton, but he is still the best option at second base in the NL West.

3B: Garrett Atkins (COL)
Atkins (like all Rockies) benefits from the thin air, but he batted over .300 and hit 25 HRs with 100+ RBIs. Which is pretty good.

SS: Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
I hate to gush on Tulo, but he is one of the rising young stars in the game. Even though he got hurt.

LF: Matt Holliday (COL)
This guy needs to be an MVP candidate every year. Some would argue he deserved it last year even more than Jimmy Rollins. As much of a Rollins fan as I am, Holliday's numbers (.340, 36, 137) are pretty hard to argue.

CF: Chris Young (ARZ)
Despite the fact he batted .237, Young's power (32 HRs) is wanted in a lead off hitter. He could become Arizona's version of Alfonso Soriano.

RF: Matt Kemp (LAD)
Just keep your eye out for this guy.

SP: Brandon Webb (ARZ)
Webb was dominating at times last year and can easily do it again this year.

SP: Dan Haren (ARZ)
Haren was quietly dominate in the American League and should continue his success in the the NL.

SP: Jake Peavy (SD)
This is another player that is hard to argue with.

RP: Trevor Hoffman (SD)
The aging closer is still dominant and a force to be reckoned with at times.

RP: Takashi Saito (LAD)
Saito is the latest Japanese reliever to be a success.

Second Team

C: Bengie Molina (SF)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez (SD)
2B: Orlando Hudson (ARZ)
3B: Mark Reynolds (ARZ)
SS: Khalil Greene (SD)
LF: Eric Byrnes (ARZ)
CF: Andruw Jones (LAD)
RF: Brad Hawpe (COL)
SP: Jeff Francis (COL)
SP: Brad Penny (LAD)
SP: Chris Young (SD)
RP: Manny Corpas (COL)
RP: Brian Fuentes (COL)


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