Sunday, March 30, 2008

Action-Reaction: March 30, 2008

So here it goes:

Action: The Raiders have signed Kalimba Edwards to a two-year contract.
Reaction: This means the Raiders have signed/acquired/franchised six players for their defense. Their defense better be better this year or it is not going to be pretty in RaiderNation. The only thing I can really compare this to is how the Patriots reloaded their offense last offseason. Oakland is not New England, however, so it remains to be seen how much this will actually help. I am not suggesting that it will have a New England-esque effect, but it definitely could help the Raiders.

Action: North Carolina and UCLA are in the Final Four.
Reaction: My original bracket had a Roy Hibbert-Kevin Love matchup in the Championship Game, but I am thinking of trading that for a Tyler Hansbrough-Love matchup. The only bad thing about that matchup would be that viewers would have to watch that game on mute because it would turn into a lovefest between the announcers. I barely made it through the last five minutes of the North Carolina-Louisville games. Yes, we know these guys are good. We know that they are not supposed to be able to make three-pointers and outside shots, but they do. We do not need to hear the announcers gush over their talents non-stop for three hours. It would be a great game. I just would not want to listen to it.

Action: Davidson plays Kansas today while Texas goes up against Memphis for the remaining Final Four spots.
Reaction: Since Georgetown lost, I have been going all out for Davidson to go far. Davidson is either going to be able to hang tough and upset Kansas or just get blown out of the water, almost like Xavier was against UCLA. Davidson has probably increased their fanbase five-fold over the course of the tournament. As for Texas-Memphis, I am scared. I have Memphis in this game, but Texas could very easily win this. Texas was a very quiet team this year, at least to me, as they did not have a Kevin Durant on the team. They are good, and a team to watch.

Action: Jeff Conine has retired after signing a one-day contract with the Florida Marlins.
Reaction: As someone who has seen numerous Orioles games, I really liked Conine. He always seemed to come up with a good play and he was just an old school ballplayer whose style you could admire and imitate. The man did have two World Series rings too.

Action: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has very high interest in Tennessee Titans suspended cornerback/strip club frequenter Adam "Pacman" Jones.
Reaction: All I have to say is that if Jerry has his way, the circus is coming to town. Preliminary reports say that the Cowboys offered a seventh-round pick, but according to reports that I cannot view because I am not a "member" on any of the major sports news outlets, Dallas is willing to add a player to the package.

Action: Baltimore Ravens veteran offensive tackle Jonathon Ogden is uncertain on a return for the 2008 NFL season.
Reaction: Ogden is citing the health of his big toe as his reason for waiting. In my opinion, the Ravens need to know his decision soon, as his retirement could significantly influence their draft plans come April.

Action: The Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse team has lost four straight games.
Reaction: First time I ever remember anything happen like this to the Blue Jays.

Action: Jack Roush has accused Michael Waltrip of stealing a sway bar in "intellectual espionage."
Reaction: The only reason this story has any meaning to me is Roush's quote of "It's lawyer time" when asked about the incident.

Action: Opening Day for Major League Baseball is tomorrow.
Reaction: !!!

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