Sunday, February 17, 2008

Action-Reaction: February 17, 2008

Not much news going on right now. I do not have that much to say either.

Action: Roger Goodell is under fire because he said SpyGate was closed but now it is open, or something to that point.
Reaction: I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I'm calling it as I see it. I think that if the Patriots had beaten the Giants, this would not have been reopened. They could have been displayed as a team that fought adversity and accusations all season long and reached their ultimate goal. But now the Patriots can be displayed as the ones who "almost got away with it." They can take the Patriots down, all the way down, because they are not the undefeated golden children of the NFL.

Action: The circus, I mean Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, was on Capitol Hill Wednesday.
Reaction: I watched about an hour of the "festivities" as I called them and, as they all say, someone is lying. I personally think it is Clemens. Clemens came off as just guilty. And arrogant. Almost Bonds-esque arrogance. While McNamee owned up to his mistakes and admitted to his credibility issues, Clemens skirted the questions he was asked when it was pointed out that he had credibility issues just like McNamee. What bothered me the most was just that Clemens looked guilty. Boy, did he look guilty. He only made eye contact occasionally when being questioned, often looking off to the side or looking down at papers in front of him. While McNamee was speaking he was jotting down something on papers he had in front of him as well. McNamee, however, kept his eyes on the questioner most of the time and was very calm and collected while he was talking. I do not know if McNamee had any of the same treatment, but Clemens speaking to his lawyers before answering some of the questions just sort of sealed it. My opinion. I've also talked to some diehard Yankees fans who think Clemens is guilty as well. Tough sledding ahead for the Rocket.

Action: Former Ram Willie Gary is suing the Patriots for taping the Rams' final walkthrough at Super Bowl XXXVI.
Reaction: Who is Willie Gary?

Really short edition today, but I must take this opportunity to promote next week's edition of Action-Reaction: The Farce of the 40.

You draftniks will never be the same.

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